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Dai Lai Lake & Bat Cave Report

Hi there,
Where did you go on the Liberation Day and the International Labor Day?
My friends & I , group of 13 people, decided to travel to Dai Lai Lake & Bat Cave, 50km far from Dong Anh district. It took about 2 hrs. ( by motorbike)
We prepared a lot of foods & drinks and started at 8AM. We felt highly enthusiastic.
Our first stop was Dai Lai lake, a big and beautiful lake. We hired a boat to nearby islands. In my imagination, through Nha Trang’s pictures on the Internet, Dai Lai lake seems like a small Nha Trang.

My groups on the boat

In the islands, there are a lot of artificial scenery such as : Bamboo forest, art objects,we had a lot of breathtaking pictures.

Ha beside tea - set

I saw local families with their children & tourists swim there
I took a picture with a lovely child.

The water is very clear and cold

About 1PM we departed to Bat Cave (6km from Dai Lai lake ).The sceneries were very beautiful and imposing. We had to climb on huge stones side by side, step by step to reach the Bat Cave.
Artificial scenery in Dai Lai Lake

Artificial scenery in Dai Lai Lake

The Natural Scenery in Bat Cave

The Natural Scenery in Bat Cave

Conquering the cave, only 7 members left. However, I was a little bit of pointless because the cave was very small. We couldn’t see any bat or its traces. So we decided to go up the mountain by the wooden ladder.

wooden ladder to go the peak

And we didn’t regret when we stayed on the peak (just remain 3 members). It was breathtaking scenery and I felt the world is under my feet.
After that, we had a big party in a local restaurant and enjoyed specially meals made by Buffalo such as Buffalo Fried, Bufalo hot- pot,… .
I loved this journey and thanks a lot everyone .Especially, Ms. Ha – my closest friend. I knew she is very tired with the life but I believe she will be successful so let’s try your best. I always near by you.
Van Cao