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Dai Lai Lake & Bat Cave Report

Hi there,
Where did you go on the Liberation Day and the International Labor Day?
My friends & I , group of 13 people, decided to travel to Dai Lai Lake & Bat Cave, 50km far from Dong Anh district. It took about 2 hrs. ( by motorbike)
We prepared a lot of foods & drinks and started at 8AM. We felt highly enthusiastic.
Our first stop was Dai Lai lake, a big and beautiful lake. We hired a boat to nearby islands. In my imagination, through Nha Trang’s pictures on the Internet, Dai Lai lake seems like a small Nha Trang.

My groups on the boat

In the islands, there are a lot of artificial scenery such as : Bamboo forest, art objects,we had a lot of breathtaking pictures.

Ha beside tea - set

I saw local families with their children & tourists swim there
I took a picture with a lovely child.

The water is very clear and cold

About 1PM we departed to Bat Cave (6km from Dai Lai lake ).The sceneries were very beautiful and imposing. We had to climb on huge stones side by side, step by step to reach the Bat Cave.
Artificial scenery in Dai Lai Lake

Artificial scenery in Dai Lai Lake

The Natural Scenery in Bat Cave

The Natural Scenery in Bat Cave

Conquering the cave, only 7 members left. However, I was a little bit of pointless because the cave was very small. We couldn’t see any bat or its traces. So we decided to go up the mountain by the wooden ladder.

wooden ladder to go the peak

And we didn’t regret when we stayed on the peak (just remain 3 members). It was breathtaking scenery and I felt the world is under my feet.
After that, we had a big party in a local restaurant and enjoyed specially meals made by Buffalo such as Buffalo Fried, Bufalo hot- pot,… .
I loved this journey and thanks a lot everyone .Especially, Ms. Ha – my closest friend. I knew she is very tired with the life but I believe she will be successful so let’s try your best. I always near by you.
Van Cao


Special holiday in Mui Ne

I had a chance to travel Mui Ne in 2 days with my family . That was very fund and memoriable. I really impressed with the sand dunes there. So I think I should share my experience and photos .
Mui Ne is about 4-5 hours bus ride from CHM to the east. The south China sea makes this small beach resort a tourist destination. It is quite small but hotels, massage parlours, spas, restaurants and other establishments that serves the tourists are all present.

There are a lot of destination you should visit : The beautiful tropical beaches lined with groves of swaying palm trees, immense Saharan-style sand dunes meandering for kilometres in colours of red, yellow and white, tall mountains with bamboo rainforests and pristine waterfalls, and deep red canyons parted by twisting streams. But with litmed time, We can’ visit all . So we decide visit sand dunes ( in the first day ) because Mui Ne is only places have sand dunes and ( go to Cham Tower in the last day).

Mui Ne Beachea

We hired a jeep and drove past a large fishing village with hundreds of boats anchored in the sea, all waiting to go out and catch their evening’s batch of fish. The view was very nice and overlooked not only the sea and fishing boats, but also the beach and fishing village lined along the shore.

We went to white sand dune at about 2 PM (It took about 25 minute drive from the fishing village . Far from there, you can see the dunes range from gold to pure white. It was breaktaking scenery. The main part of the white sand dunes that has large, high drifts of sand with no vegetation at all, looked like a mini version of the Sahara desert. The expanse of land around the dunes was very sparse and still mostly made up of sand, and it stretched for miles around. When we got to the most picturesque spot in the white sand dunes, we saw the huge dunes surrounded by a large lake and a small field of pines trees.
My father and my brother swam in Bau Ba Lake, I and my darling climbed to the top of the White Sand Dunes and slided downhill. That was amazing and fun.

My mother prepared foods and we had a delicious meals and have perfect picnic.

We stayed at a beach front bungalow called Kim Ngan. When night fell, there was pitch darkness. I knew there is supposed to be no civilization and it is just water that existed. I scanned the horizon and there were lights and movement and it looked like a village. All the fishermen were out making their livery. We walked along beaches and see the local activities.

The next day, We woke up very early and watched the sun rise. I’ve seen sun rise in may places but I’ve never feeling happy like this (with magnificent scenery , with my lovely family).

After having a breakfast, we drove to visit the Po Shanu Cham Towers; it has a view of the famous candy color cemetery. I am not sure why they call it that but I think it is because the tombs are in rows and have multiple colors.

There were rows of beach houses and resorts on the south side of P Nguyen Dunh Street and further east is Huynh Thuc Khang. There is also a small village nearby called Phan Thiet where the towne centre creates a small fishing harbour. I witnessed the fish catching process where the large spindle was spun to draw in the cords of the large net that was raised. There was a fisherman in the middle of the net balancing on a bopping five foot diameter basket made of palm and coconut.
Van Cao

Hanoi In My Mind

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is a city of lakes, shaded streets and verdant public parks. Come to Hanoi, you will have a chance to explore the rich cultural heritage with the Old Quarter, I’m very exciting to go around Old Quater by cyclo, walking in Old Quater to buy clothers( Hang Dao Street), some gifts, prominent delicious Vietnamese cuisine as well as other interesting spots.

When you visit a centre of Hanoi, you can see the Turlte Tower among the Sword Lake and around the Old Quarter. Besides you can go to :
The Flag Tower of Hanoi (Vietnamese: Cột cờ Hà Nội) is a tower in Hanoi, Vietnam, which is one of the symbols of the city. Its height is 33.4 m (41 m with the flag). Built in 1812, the tower, unlike many other structures in Hanoi, was not destroyed during the French administration (1896-1897), being used as a military post.
The Hoa Lo Prison (Vietnamese: Hỏa Lò), later known to American prisoners of war as the “Hanoi Hilton”, was a prison used by the French colonists in Vietnam for political prisoners and later by North Vietnam for prisoners of war during the Vietnam War.
Temple of Literature (Vietnamese: Văn Miếu), known as “pagode des Corbeaux” during the period of French colonisation, is a temple of Confucius in Vietnam. Although several Văn Miếu can be found throughout Vietnam, the most prominent and famous is that situated in the city of Hanoi, which also functioned as Vietnam’s first university. It is featured on the back of the one hundred thousand Vietnamese đồng banknote.
Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is both a research centre and a public museum exhibiting the ethnic groups of Vietnam. The mission of the Museum is scientific research, collection, documentation, conservation, exhibition and preserving the cultural and historic patrimony of the nation’s different ethnic groups. The museum also serves to guide research, conservation, and technology that are specific to the work of an ethnographic museum.
The One Pillar Pagoda (Vietnamese: Chùa Một Cột, formally Diên Hựu) is a historic Buddhist temple in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. It is regarded alongside the Perfume Temple, as one of Vietnam’s two most iconic temples.
Van Cao