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The Journey To SiemReap

It was a long bus journey from HoChiMinh into SiemReap, Cambodia but somehow with all the intricacies of the road, landscape, happenins and people the 12 hour journey became short.

We first stopped at the Vietnamese border after three hours along with the rest of the bus passengers and it went smooth.A few minutes later the Cambodian border came a long took a little longer although not as much. Right after the bus driver stopped along the border to eat lunch, I was lucky enough that the waitress spoke English and ordered the usual chicken and rice and fortunately they accepted Vietnamese money.

After eating we headed along many roads with beautiful landscapes. The people from Cambodia are as beautiful as their landscapes and are very hard working. The roads to Phnom Penh were pretty good, I expected more dirt roads but actually the great majority were asphalted. As I noticed also what the floods had done in the farms as many farms were flooded. After leaving around 7:30 from Vietname we reach Phnom Penh, Cambodia around 2pm. I changed bus from here to SiemReap and reach around 8pm. I was lucky enough to get a good tuk tuk driver and he drove me to my guesthouse.

I had a great sleep from the bus ride and now walked into the city. A walk along the river was good and today I will explore the city and plans for Angkorwat some more. Traveling through South East Asia is very ECONOMICAL, specially if you stay in guesthouses/hostels/moderate hotels and they are very clean with AC, hot water, and other amenities. I RECOMMENDED THIS TO EVERYONE.